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Advances in bakery and snack processing

28-Apr-2022 - Last updated on 28-Apr-2022 at 08:04 GMT

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The fully automated line employs RBS’ Multi‐Crisp Technology, which allows the production of a variety of wheat, potato and corn masa flour crisps on one system.

The developer’s Multi-Crisp System has the flexibility to integrate batch or continuous mixing, minimising the time between the mixer and sheeter. Minimal time between mixing and baking is critical for consistent thin, crisp production.

The standard system includes a 3- Roll Sheeter, Gauge Roll, Optional Rippled Gauge Roll, Rotary Cutting Station, and Spectrum Oven and Dryer system.

The new pita chip addition ramps up the line, with an additional multi‐pass proofer, pita dicer and a high heat application during the baking process to produce a new baked pita chip. It also incorporates a convection oven and dryer, which together with the multi-pass proofer, create an efficient solution that delivers consistent quality within a relatively small floor space.

The flexible line can also produce cracker crisps beyond pita chips, by bypassing the proofer and pita dicing steps. It is available with batch or automated continuous mixing systems, depending on the level of automation needed by the snack producer.

RBS’ Multi-Crisp System can produce between 250-1000 kg/hr of finished product – depending on the number of oven sections after the dough sheeting equipment; throughput capacity increases as oven zones are added.

“We are really excited about this new production process, as snack manufacturers are always seeking equipment flexibility to maximise production capabilities,” ​said Shawn Moye, VP of Sales for RBS.

“We’ve developed a new way to produce baked pita chips on a system that can also create multi​‐crisp products.​

“It’s a gamechanger for manufacturers that want to innovate their snack portfolio.”​

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Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) develops innovative baking and process systems capable of producing a wide range of snacks, along with continuous mixing solutions for the food industry and oven profiling and consulting service.

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