Where To Find All The Lucky Dice In The Sunfang Oasis In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

2022-04-25 07:33:24 By : Mr. Jackey Zhou

Lucky Dice offer you better loot, and there are 15 to be found in the Sunfang Oasis.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands follows the lead of its predecessors, the Borderlands games, as a "looter-shooter" - an FPS game focused on getting tons and tons of loot, if that wasn't obvious. Except, unlike the Borderlands games, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.

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If you want to earn even better Loot in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, you can track down a particular type of collectible called 'Lucky Dice.' These are D20s found in the various maps that drop a bunch of loot once you find them and give a permanent bonus to your 'Loot Luck' stat. In this article, we'll show you how to find every single one in the Sunfang Oasis.

There's One Lucky Die shortly after entering this map and meeting Gerritt of Trivia. On your way to find the throne room, check the left-hand wall for a big, glowing blue symbol. Destroy the rocks underneath to access a room with a Lucky Die. There's a trap in the wall that can be deactivated with a lever.

During the quest 'The Ditcher,' Gerritt will explain that you're going to revive Salissa and then kill her. He'll proceed to open a door and give you access to the rest of the map. After going through that door, turn left to find this Lucky Die next to a waterfall.

You can grab this Lucky Die as soon as you've progressed far enough in 'The Ditcher' that you've gotten access to most of the map. However, it's also on your way between collecting the Seawarg hearts and going to the Everfrost Icetomb for that quest, so you can grab it then.

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This Lucky Die is sitting on a ledge looking out over the edge of the map! It's near the Everfrost Icetomb you go to during the side quest 'The Ditcher.'

We've already said that there are Lucky Dice near the Everfrost Icetomb where you go for the 'The Ditcher' side quest, but this one is literally steps from the entrance. It's up on the mossy wooden walkway that leads to a circular ramp and a wooden hut.

This one is in the same circumstances as the previous Die (steps away from the Everfrost Icetomb entrance), it's just on the opposite side and inside a building.

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There's one Lucky Die directly behind the actual Everfrost Icetomb! Easy to grab, no problem.

This Lucky Die is found on your way to recover Salissa's mind during the quest 'The Ditcher,' and it's in an open-air hut that you can see from the first Poetry Page.

To get this Die, you must progress through the quest 'The Ditcher' until you are hunting down Salissa's mind. The quest will lead you to the Shrine of the Goddesses, where the Curator will let you inside. On one of the balconies around the sides of the room, you'll find this Lucky Die perched.

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After making the "leap into darkness" during the quest 'The Ditcher' after arriving at the Shrine of the Goddesses, keep a look-out for another Lucky Die. It's on one of the balconies around the room, and you can leap to it from the floating platforms.

Again, progress through the quest 'The Ditcher' at the Shrine of the Goddesses. When you are escorting Salissa/the Curator through the next area, keep an eye out for this Lucky Die along the way.

As with the last two, keep going in 'The Ditcher' quest. This Lucky Die is inside the "The Labyrinth of No Escape and also Endless Torment." It's on a ledge just past the eighth Lore Scroll.

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At the end of "The Labyrinth of No Escape and also Endless Torment" you'll fight the Heartphage, who Gerritt tells you is the Queen of Atlantis. After defeating her, you get access to a few vending machines and are told to meet back up with Gerritt. Don't leave quite yet, though - there's a Lucky Die sitting on the rocks nearby!

This Lucky Die is just on some rubble out in the open. It's just near the Vizier's Watch, where you'll go during 'The Ditcher' quest, but you don't need to be doing that quest to grab it.

This Lucky Die is sitting on a high ledge, looking over the entrance to a very old temple. You'll come to this area for the side quest 'On The Wink Of Destruction' and you need to progress through it before you can reach the Die. In the second room flooded with water, keep an eye out for the long passageway that leads to this ledge.

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