Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: All Lucky Dice Locations In Karnok's Wall

2022-04-25 07:33:23 By : Ms. Vicky Fang

Players can collect Lucky Dice in every region of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, including Karnok’s Wall. Here's where players can find all 20 Lucky Dice.

Players can collect Lucky Dice in every region of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, including Karnok’s Wall. Lucky Dice is one of many collectibles in the game, and these dice increase the players' luck. This means that as players collect these dice, they can increase their chances of getting rarer loot, better gear drops, and more gold as they play.

Lucky Dice are hidden around the various maps of the game. They appear as floating 20-sided black dice, with gold glowing letters and a bright gold aura around them to make them more noticeable. For example, in Karnok’s Wall, there are 20 Lucky Dice for players to find.

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Karnok’s Wall is a structure built by Goblins, iconized by a tall skeleton topped with a huge skull embedded into the wall, covered with purple crystals. Karnok’s Wall is the region in the top northwest corner of the map, to the left of Drowned Abyss. Lucky Dice can be found in almost every area of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, and here’s where players can find all 20 of them hidden in the area.

Here’s where players can find every Lucky Dice in Karnok’s Wall.

After entering the map and meeting the Wastard, players can cross the large gap between two road extensions on the map using a jump pad. There’s a Lucky Dice directly to the right close after landing.On the way towards the Jaw with the Wastard, players will reach a hex. After killing the skeletons nearby the hex, players can head up the wooden ramp on the side further from the cliff’s edge to find the die.On the way to the “smaller, less cool elevator,” next to the stone staircase.After fixing the elevator, there’s a die in the area where the platform once was. As a result, players have to do a decent amount of platforming in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands regions like The Overworld to reach many of the Lucky Dice.After going up the elevator, watch the left side of the path on the way towards the next ancient relic. After that, the players will pass a big hole that’s actually a Kwartz mine, with a Lucky Dice at the bottom.Along the path of the previous die, next to a large deposit of Kwartz guarded by skeletons.When going through the mining camp, after the Wastard asks why the Coiled are so upset, players should stay away from the edge and find the die in a nook with glowing runes.Continue along the path towards the quest objective until passing a place where Kwartz is growing out of a rock high above. Then, follow the wooden platforms that lead up to the hanging die.After interacting with the “Bro Relic,” the next die is across the bridge and down to the end of the path to the left.After acquiring the “Rude Relic” and reaching Wastard’s Bachelor Pad, players should use the ladders next to the vending machine to get to the top of the area. The die is next to the ledge near a cannon at the very top.The next die is in the corner on the player’s left after defeating the boss of the area (the Dragon Lord). Players will have to defeat Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Wastard in his boss form before being able to collect this die.Players will head down this area while hunting down Wyvern Leather in the ‘Necromance Her’ sidequest. The die is on a ledge behind Wyvern nests.Around a corner on a ledge overlooking the huge emptiness, the player goes to during the side quest ‘Spell to Pay’ while collecting Wyvern eggs.After finishing the ‘Spell to Pay’ sidequest, in the cavern hidden behind the previous red Hex.This die can only be accessed after completing ‘The Son of a Witch’ by removing the Hex blocking the die near the “smaller, less cool elevator.”Near the previous die, sitting further back next to a large amount of Kwartz.By dispelling the Hex blocking the small cavern with the die, located near the northern area of the map down a small path.Players must first complete the quests ‘The Son of a Witch’, ‘Spell to Pay,’ and ‘Ancient Powers.’ After completing the puzzle door, players should watch out for the red cloth draped next to a cliff. There are glowing red vines under it that players can destroy to access a small cavern where the die is. Players will need a melee weapon like the Goblin Pickaxe to destroy these vines.After completing all the quests mentioned for the previous die, players will approach the Inner Sanctum of the Dread Lord with Dryxxl during the end of the ‘Ancient Powers’ quest. When Dryxxl asks the Dread Lord what price he’ll have to pay for each power, the player should be able to find a bone in the wall that curves around the room. Follow the bone to reach a die at the end of it.Inside one of the ribs of the skeleton that makes up the wall.

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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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