Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: All 20 Lucky Dice Locations in Weepwild Dankness

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Here's all of the locations for the Lucky Dice in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands' Weepwild Dankness area.

Even though a player's starting class in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands has a significant impact on the early stages of the game, there's a point where players must find the best equipment for their character. And that's because this Borderlands spin-off features new types of equipment (necklaces, rings, and spells) that give a player massive skill and stat boosts, which are needed to fight end-game Badass Bosses.

Lucky Dices are critical to collect in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands since they'll increase the player's Luck stat which helps them get legendary loot early on, making them stronger. And one area that has plenty of legendary loot is that of Weepwild Dankness, but players will need to find the Lucky Dices beforehand.

In order to collect all 20 Lucky Dices in Weep wild Dankness, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands players will need to have completed the Main Story Quest: Thy, Bard Vengeance, and the side quest: Little Boys Blue.

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Starting from the Dank Encroachment fast travel point, players can make their way past the Vending Machines in that area. Once players arrive at the first large open area, they can go towards the left side, where they'll find a long narrow road that leads to Murph Refugee Camp.

From the entrance of Murph Refugee Camp, players should go up the first ramp they see to their left and then make a sharp left turn again, where they'll find the 1st Lucky Dice of Weepwild Dankness.

The 2nd Lucky Dice isn't too far from there, but players will need to go back towards the camp entrance. From there, they should go towards the well on their right. After passing the well, they must go up the wooden ramp, and then to their left, they can find some stairs which leads them to the 2nd Lucky Dice.

For the 3rd Lucky Dice, players will need to head back to the ramp they went on while getting the 1st Lucky Dice. But, this time, they'll need to jump on the Blue Mushroom (similar to the catapult at Queen's Gate), pushing them onto a ledge where the 3rd Lucky Dice is.

Players should now head back to the entrance of Murph Refugee Camp and go to the right of two Muprhs on top of wooden boxes at the center of the camp.

After passing them, the player should head up a grass ramp, which will force them to go to a dirt path. At the end of that dirt path, players can find the 4th Lucky Dice on a broken elevated platform.

The 5th Lucky Dice can be found by backtracking from the 4th Lucky Dice, but instead of going towards the center of the camp, players should head up a dirt road where there's a lone lamp post. From that road, players should press forward (careful with the Mushroom enemies that resemble the Pokemon Amoonguss) and make a left turn.

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Once they see a stone house, they should go towards the left, where they'll find an opening and the 5th Lucky Dice (quite similar to the location of the 1st Lucky Dice in Shattergrave Barrow). This is the final Lucky Dice in Murph Refugee Camp, so players should return to the Dank Encroachment fast travel point to continue their Lucky Dice hunt.

After passing the wooden house that has the Vending Machine (near the Dank Encroachment fast travel point), players should go towards the right side of the area. Once they reach a paved road with a lamppost, they should follow the dirt road on their left side, eventually leading them to the 6th Lucky Dice.

But, players should come prepared as this area is full of Mushroom enemies, but with the help of some SHiFT codes, players can wander this area without worrying too much.

Players will need to return to the stone path they came from, and instead of going towards the Dank Encroachment fast travel point, they should turn left towards a small blue pond. Once they pass the pond, they should go up the paved ramp until they reach a small area with many purple crystals and Goblins like those encountered during Goblins in the Garden.

Then, they'll need to go towards the left side of the area, where a hut is next to a ledge. Players should then go down that ledge and once they reach the river, turn right where they'll find the 7th Lucky Dice.

Players should return to the area where they came from, but instead of going, turn left and walk up the road until they find a dirt road on the left-hand side. From that point, players should go towards the right, where they'll find a small stream between rock walls. Then they can find the 8th Lucky Dice on top of two small waterfalls plus a loot chest.

Players should return to the stream they were on and head towards a Purple Mushroom that'll throw them to a grassy platform. Now, players will need to perform a couple of parkour stunts (similar to the location of one Lucky Dice in Snoring Valley) to get to the 9th Lucky Dice.

The 10th Lucky Dice can be found a little after the Purple Mushroom the player used to jump. But, players should go to the left, where they'll find a lone stone archway. Then, they should take a sharp right turn at the stone archway where there's a stream going downhill. Shortly after, they should come across an elevated area with a tree stump where the 10th Lucky Dice is.

Now players should backtrack to the stone archway they passed, but instead of going through it, players should go to the right until they reach a big tree root. From the main dirt road (next to the big tree root), players will need to make their way to Murphsville, which is unlocked during the Little Blue Boys (Easter Egg similar to previous Borderlands entries) side quest.

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After passing the main gate, players should go up the first tower they see past the light blue pond. Once on top, players can find the 11th Lucky Dice by jumping on a Purple Mushroom next to a little hut.

Now, players should return to the road that leads them to Murphsville but should continue up the stone ramp past Murphsville. Once the player sees a stone arch, they should walk towards the left side, where they'll come across a river.

Following that river will lead them to a new area with a tree in the middle. From that area, players should look for a Purple Mushroom that they'll need to use to get to the 12th Lucky Dice.

Players should now retrace their steps until they reach the area with several stone arches. Once there, players should go towards the stone archway with a waterfall coming out of it. At the top, players will find the 13th Lucky Dice and a Loot Chest with a funny quote from Tiny Tina which is quite common for her to do in the Borderlands series.

The 14th Lucky Dice can be found past the Busted-Ass Ruins fast travel point, or players can backtrack from the previous Lucky Dice and go through the archway with a giant root on it. Once the player reaches the next area, they should head over to the wooden staircase on the far side of the ruins, and the 14th Lucky Dice is next to the waterfall.

Now players should make their way down a dirt path located towards the left of the wooden staircase. Eventually, they'll come across a Green Obelisk (which is a type of Encounter that players should try out with a friend on Co-Op) next to a small wooden canopy. The 15th Lucky Dice is located next to that canopy near the edge of the area.

Players should now trace their steps back to the paved road they veered off to get to the Green Obelisk and continue down the path past a broken stone archway. Once they arrive at the next area that has a stone house in ruins, they'll want to jump on large "breathing" roots in front of the ruins.

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Once they reach the top, they should head towards the Marble and a chest and jump on the mushroom located on the right side. Then, they'll see the 16th Lucky Dice after jumping onto another mushroom.

The 17th Lucky Dice can be found on a lower section of the map, and players can reach that area by jumping off the mushroom where the previous Lucky Dice was located.

Once on the lower area, players should follow the left side of the dirt road until they reach a stone bridge (which may seem familiar to players that played Assault On Dragon Keep). And right next to the stone bridge, players will find the 17th Lucky Dice.

Players should now retrace their steps to where they landed from the 16th Lucky Dice and continue until they reach an area with two huts. The 18th Lucky Dice is found right behind one of the huts closest to the large tree.

Now players need to go up a small dirt ramp next to the hut under a tree. Then they'll need to pass a corridor filled with Mushroom Enemies (a SHiFT code can help make the fight easier) until they reach an open area, where they should head up a couple of grassy ledges.

Eventually, they'll come across a small Goblin area and a wooden bridge that leads to a stone structure with several openings. Players should go through one of the openings and then perform a couple of jumps to reach the 19th Lucky Dice.

The 20th Lucky Dice can be found by heading back to the stone structure and jumping down to the hut that has a tree on top of it. From there, players should jump down again and walk to the left side of the area until they see a single tall mushroom. From there players should mantle over some stone ledges where they'll find the final Lucky Dice.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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