State-of-the-art semi-automatic peeling, coring and cutting machine for apples

2022-04-25 07:29:40 By : Mr. Terry Man

A deep knowledge of the organoleptic qualities of products and thorough research have enabled PND to be considered one of the most innovative companies for the manufacturing and commercialization of fruit processing machines.

PND in fact specialized in the development of advanced systems for fresh-cut businesses as well as for companies part of the canning, frozen and dehydrated industries.

"Apples are not a seasonal product as they are available all year round. Demand is excellent on both the domestic and foreign markets. There are over 7,000 varieties boasting different colors, textures and flavors and the consumption trend is positive with excellent performances, also thanks to the increased interest for a healthy and balanced diet," explains Virginia Cascella, export manager at PND.

"Our semi-automatic peeling, coring and cutting machine is among the most popular, as it can process between 22 and 80 fruits per minute, depending on the needs and model chosen. It is versatile and made of stainless steel. It can also be easily made fully automatic by connecting it with automatic loaders ORN6 and ORN8."

Over 80 automatic apple lines have been installed in Poland over the last 20 years. The country works with PND as the sole supplier of this type of plant.

"The two years of the pandemic have been hard, but tenacity and innovation have made the difference, so much so that PND has maintained its primacy as leading company in the sector. We invested on quality and managed to maintain our export turnover constant (95% of the pre-Covid period) and be present in Europe, South America, US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Africa and Asia. Now that fairs have restarted, we need to start travelling again."

Thanks to its experience and the skills of its specialized staff, PND has conquered and retained the trust of its clients. Its main point of strength is the after-sales assistance service provided to companies that rely on PND. The product catalogue and calendar of events can be viewed at

For further information: Virginia Cascella PND - Fruit Processing Machinery Via Brancaccio, 11 84018 Scafati (SA) - Italy +39 0818509368

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