Woman Reveals 'Weird' Hack to Stop Herself Crying While Chopping Onions

2022-04-25 07:37:13 By : Ms. Sundy w

Chopping onions can be an unpleasant experience—and cooking dinner doesn't get any easier when your eyes are tearing up and salty liquid is flowing down your cheeks.

Dicing the vegetable doesn't have to make you cry, however. It could even make you smile if you try a humorous, but apparently effective, method that has gone viral on TikTok.

The video depicts a woman chopping onions at her kitchen counter. She is wearing a hooded sweatshirt—and is using the hood to keep in place a glass saucepan lid, which acts as a barrier to the chemical in onions that can irritate eyes.

The footage, filmed by her husband, was shared to the social media app by Brittany Scott on March 21.

The caption on the @msbrittanyscott TikTok account reads: "When you were nice to the weird girl and now she's your wife." However, Scott—believed to be the "weird girl" in question—appears to be on to something.

The hack has gone viral, having been watched close to 14 million times and garnering more than 1.9 million likes.

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Many TikTok users have taken to the comments section to share their delight at the clip.

One user, Snickerqueen, wrote: "Weird girl becomes genius wife! Cherish her! She's a keeper! Hope you're the one washing dishes after she's doing all that cooking!"

Another person, TheVeryMoon, added: "I'm laughing because I'm sad I'd never thought to do this, as it makes so much sense!"

A third, Nayeli Santos571, posted: "Weird? She's a genius she doesn't wanna cry from cutting onions."

A fourth user, No one, was impressed: "What? This is so clever why did I never think of this? Thanks gurl."

Others wanted to know if the method really prevented tears at the chopping board, with user3412903716296 asking: "My only thought was... 'did it work???'"

Scott replied: "yes but fogs up lol."

TikTok is awash with brilliant tips and tricks for housework and home life.

An Australian woman recently shared a genius hack for reviving white clothes—and removing unsightly sweat stains.

Chantel Mila, a mom of two known online as mama_mila_, posted a video that has been viewed more than 109,000 times.

Her secret ingredient is denture tablets. Mila, who lives in the city of Melbourne, reveals that she leaves white clothes to "soak in warm water + 2 denture tablets for 1/2 hour."

After this, you wash the clothes as normal—and the results are clear to see.

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