Where To Find All The Lucky Dice In Tangledrift In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

2022-04-25 07:33:17 By : Ms. Vilva Shenzhen

Lucky Dice make it more likely that you'll get awesome loot, and isn't that what gaming is really all about?

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, with the in-game version being called 'Bunkers and Badasses!' Everyone knows that good loot makes any quest worth the effort, so there's plenty of that in this game.

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To increase your odds of getting really excellent gear, you can find Lucky Dice that are hidden all over the maps! In this article, we'll detail the locations of every single Lucky Die in the Tangledrift, a town that's been lifted into the sky by a magic beanstalk.

The very first Lucky Die is easy to find if you're looking around. It's just on a ledge near where you spawn into this map - not in the area where the vending machines are, but on the next major platform.

The next one isn't very far from the last Die! Check around the farmhouses here for a pile of hay. The Lucky Die will be on top of it! The building you're looking past is further along the path than the Rune Switch, and on the opposite side.

This Lucky Die is further into the map, but you don't need to have progressed the quest with the Punchfather to reach it. Keep an eye out for when you see a lone, orange vending machine, then check the opposite side of the area for a building with a balcony. There's a stand displaying lots of fruits and vegetables, and a Lucky Die right next to it!

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This Lucky Die is found during the side quest 'A Small Favour.' In it, you'll help a necromancer named Zoseph rein in his rambunctious apprentices. To that end, he'll shrink you! Once you're inside, the Lucky Die is on the table right in front of you.

The portal to reach that island is near that lone orange vending machine.

The island you went to for the 'A Small Favour' side quest actually has two Lucky Dice! The other one is at the back of the island, near a small, deserted picnic setup.

Take the same portal to get there.

This die is just lying around near some crates. Hey, we're not gonna be the ones to tell it that it's not a crate.

What is their obsession with putting all the Lucky Dice on balconies? This one is on the back of an old, vine-covered house. You'll reach the appropriate area by following the main quest for this area (the one with the Punchfather), and you'll also pass by while you do the 'Burning Hunger' side quest.

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You'll find this Lucky Die on an island near where you found the previous one. It's not part of the main quest; you'll go there for the 'Burning Hunger' side quest. Check around the back of the buildings to find it.

This Lucky Die is on a teeny tiny island near one of the bigger regions where you'll do a lot of fighting.

To reach the island, you'll have to cross over a couple of flowers. However, they won't bloom (open up) until you've helped the Punchfather in this area for the 'Walk The Stalk' quest.

When you leave that region we mentioned for the last Die, you'll take a slide to the next region. Don't let it take you all the way to the end! Instead, jump off and land on one of the platforms to your left. There, you'll be propelled to a couple of wooden houses hovering in the distance. The Lucky Die is there! The star on the map above indicates the platform that can propel you to the wooden houses.

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To get to the area where this Lucky Die is found, sitting on top of a partially destroyed stone fence, you'll need to progress in the 'Walk the Stalk' quest.

This Lucky Die is off the beaten path. To get to it, you'll need to find and progress in the side quest 'Ron Rivote' until you're able to enter the house.

This Lucky Die is a bit unusual! It's found in the cathedral, which you'll explore during the 'Walk the Stalk' quest. As you adventure, keep an eye out for a wall that seems to be moving, flashing, or otherwise just being weird. You may, at times, be able to see the Lucky Die through it! Melee the unusual wall to gain access.

There's another Lucky Die inside the cathedral. To get to it, though, you need to help the Punchfather during the 'Walk the Stalk' quest until this area has been cleansed. Only then will you be able to use the open flowers to hop your way into this room.

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Just like the last few Lucky Die, this one is found at the cathedral and you'll need to do the 'Walk the Stalk' quest first. When you go to leave this area, there's another slide that takes you away. This is another instance where you need to jump off the slide prematurely, onto a ledge to your right (marked by a star on the map above). Follow the path that leads around the side of the cathedral and enter the backroom to get the Lucky Die.

After leaving the cathedral during the 'Walk the Stalk' quest, you'll reach a castle guarded by skeletons. Before you go inside (though, ideally after you've dealt with the skeletons) check the sides for a wooden balcony that holds another Lucky Die.

The next Lucky Die is found on a beanstalk ledge after getting through the skeleton opponents you fought to reach the previous Die. Be careful when you run to grab it, though, because there's a blast of wind that can knock you to your death.

Once inside the castle, you'll probably notice something spooky on the second floor: a magical mirror!

If you walk into it, it will transport you to a part of the castle that's otherwise sealed off! There, you'll find a chest and a Lucky Die.

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This Lucky Die is right across from where you found the magic mirror; if you're standing in front of it and turn left, you'll be able to see it! However, you can only reach it once you've helped the Punchfather in this area during the 'Walk the Stalk' quest and the flower platforms have opened up.

Just like the 13th Lucky Die, this one is behind a wall that you need to melee. You'll find it off in the corner of the castle and you can tell it's unusual because, like the 13th die, the wall will be phasing in and out of existence.

Melee the wall to find the Die on a pile of bones.

After beating the Parasite at the end of the 'Walk The Stalk' quest, you'll be teleported to this island. Don't rush away, because there's a chest, a Lore Scroll, and this Lucky Die here!

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