Toy News 4/22/2022: Hasbro Transformers Generations Metroplex

2022-04-25 07:29:25 By : Mr. rechie xiao

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's round up of the coolest merchandise on the internet lately. Join us as we sip a cup of Potato-juice and look at Hasbro ’s latest ginormous Transformers toy, the one and only Hawkeye joining Hot Toys’ Marvel offerings, and some lovely Jurassic World dinos. Check it out!

In the original ‘80s animated series and toy line, Metroplex was quite literally a sprawling Autobot city that transformed into a towering robot. Decades later, the new Transformers Generations Legacy Series Titan Cybertron Universe Metroplex has gotten a lot smaller, and gotten a new job as the head foreman of a team building new cities on planet Gigantion for Autobots to call home. Instead of transforming into a metropolis, Metroplex goes from robot form to an excavator in 52 steps. It might not be the size of an entire city any more, but the figure does stand 22-inches tall in bot mode, which helps explain its $200 price tag. It’s currently available for pre-order from Hasbro Pulse , with shipping expected in early November.

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Sure, Hot Toys has done plenty of Clint Bartons before, but look! It finally did Hawkeye! In celebration of the recent Disney+ series, Hailee Steinfeld’s take on the once and future Young Avenger Kate Bishop is getting turned into a 1:6 scale action figure. Coming with a quiver and her trusty bow, Kate also has the hands to hold and pose with the six individual arrows you can slot in her back accessory—which also have different trick arrowheads included for good measure. You know, for all the times your toy shelf needs a grappling hook arrow or something! The Hot Toys Hawkeye is set to release in late 2023. [Hot Toys ]

Most have probably forgotten that an Academy Award-winning actress appeared in the first Jurassic Park sequel, The Lost World, but Mattel hasn’t, introducing another addition to its Jurassic World Legacy Collection now featuring Julianne Moore’s Dr. Sarah Harding and a pair of stegosauruses . The $40 set—available for pre-order from Target —comes with just a few accessories including a camera for the figure, and hidden DNA codes inside each dino that unlock content on a free accompanying mobile app.

Have you ever been chastised at work for having too many toys on your desk? Take the malicious compliance route with this alternate version of Mr. Potato Head that’s technically a ceramic coffee mug. (“Do you really want me to start my day without a mug of joe?”) Aside from the handle sticking out of his back and his glossy exterior, this more or less looks like a real Mr. Potato Head toy, complete with a removable hat for a lid and swappable facial features made from sticky-backed silicone. Grab one from Vat19 for $25 .

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