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  • Flame sterilizing potato seed tuber cutting machine could minimize spread of diseases

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    Potatoes are vegetatively propagated; cutting the seed tubers is a common practice followed by growers as a way to increase seed availability for planting. However, this practice poses a risk of mechanical transmission of diseases. Manufacturers currently disinfect seed cutting equipment betwe

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    “The only operators are the ones in the ceiling,” says Chris Belfi, wrapped up in a Tyvek bunny suit, tinted yellow under the photo-safe lights. The robots rush by on overhead tracks, blinking and whirring. Every few seconds, one pauses above a giant machine. Out of its laundry-bas

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    GEA says it extended its range of homogenizers with the GEA Ariete homogenizer 3160 and the GEA TriplexPanda lab homogenizer. The GEA Ariete homogenizer 3160 completes the series for medium- and large-sized process lines and closes a gap in this series: It features up to 1,500 bar, with signif

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    The Multi Grater, Slicer and Dicer is now available at Kmart - and is already getting rave reviews from home chefs all over the country.

    The gadget works by slicing, dicing, grating and julienning all your veggies using a series of attachments - with just a flick of a wrist.

    For mo

  • Semiconductors Are Amazing-Dr S S Mantha - BW Businessworld

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    Our manufacturers must think vertical and not develop IP blocks, but buy them if they are available.

    Sir Isaac Newton once said, that he had achieved all that he did, by standing on the shoulders of great scientific men whose findings he built upon. The same might be said about silicon.

  • Commodore Promotional Film From 1984 Enhanced | Hackaday

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    Over on Retro Recipe’s YouTube channel, [Perifractic] has been busy restoring an old promotional video of how Commodore computers were made back in 1984 (video below the break). He cleaned up the old VHS-quality version that’s been around for years, translated the German to Englis

  • Casey Wilson Shares What's in Her Kitchen - E! Online

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    We interviewed Casey Wilson because we think you'll like her picks at these prices. Casey is a paid spokesperson for Hellmann's. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices

  • Global Hubless Dicing Blade Market Latest Innovations, Drivers and Industry Status 2022 to 2028 – Queen Anne and Mangolia News

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    Another witty report from MarketandResearch.biz revolves around Global Hubless Dicing Blade Market review for the 2022-2028 rating season. Overview of difficulties and areas of focus. The evaluation provides an overall perspective report. This report offers a broad market chart Hubless Dicing

  • 10 Best Food Processors on Amazon, According to Reviews | Food & Wine

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    Yes, it's meditative to slice and dice with a super sharp knife. But do you know what can be even more satisfying? The high of blitzing through heads of garlic, mounds of parsley, or sleeves of cookies for pie crusts. Such is the power of a food processor.

    Food processors are handy