2022-05-21 03:21:57 By : Ms. Tina Yu

Sharing a home with someone, whether a roommate or a spouse, can be a very difficult adjustment. Both parties do things around the house differently. The simplest tasks can cause major disagreements. Even putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher can put roomies at odds.

One of the first things around the house that my husband and I disagreed about was how to fold the towels. I had been folding towels the same way for twenty years and yet he had a better way.

I let him have his way. But, loading the dishwasher was a different story. They say you should pick your battles, right? Well, this was war. LOL

But, is there a right and wrong way to load the dishwasher?

Apparently, there is a way you should be loading your dirty dishes in the dishwasher in a certain way. Consumer Reports says,

Just for my own battle with my husband, I needed to know if what you load on the bottom or the top matters. So, I found the answer at Good Housekeeping.

Even though we all think we know how to correctly load a dishwasher, we don't. Reader's Digest offers a layout for how we should be loading our dishwashers.

For the record, I was wrong and my husband was right. Maybe, I'll start folding the towels my way again. After all, he gets the dishwasher. It's only fair.