Fully automated crate unfolding machine taken into use

2022-04-25 07:35:55 By : Ms. jessica hou

Ripening specialist and service provider, Fruitsolute, has invested in a new packaging line for its Dutch facility. "We wanted to automate the returnable crate - like EPS and IFCO - unfolding process, making it more effective and efficient," says Fokke Nieboer, Key Account Manager at Fruitsolute. Until now, this was done manually, taking a lot of people a lot of time.

After a selection process, the company chose a Reintjes Systems solution. This company is an innovative development and implementation partner for handling systems, industrial automation, and robotics. Fruitsolute now uses Reintjes Systems' proven unfolding technology.

"It only had to be adapted to Fruitsolute's unique requirements," says Reintjes Systems' Managing Director Joost Reintjes. "Our technology is characterized by almost the entire production process being developed in-house. That lets us build modular, expandable systems."

The new unfolding line has another unique advantage: you can change between different crates within a mere three minutes at the push of a button. That saves time and money when regularly switching between different types of crates. Also, the line is ergonomically designed for its operators. And, of course, equipped with various safety features to eliminate any possible risk of injury. And it can run at up to 1,200 crates/hour.

Both parties praise the smooth, purposeful exchange during this project's planning phase. "We got to know Reintjes Systems as an innovative, inquisitive partner," says Fokke. "This intensive exchange also gave us the idea of adding a module to the folding machine."

"One that automatically places the inlay/inserts into the unfolded boxes." Placing these inlays by hand is just as time-consuming and tedious as unfolding the crates. Reintjes Systems accepted the challenge and, within a few months, developed the first innovative inlay module.

The challenge here was that the module had to be able to process lots of different kinds of inlays of varying sizes and materials with different dynamic properties. Currently, the Fruitsolute line can use its five most commonly used inlays. You can easily change these as needed via the user interface.

"With Fruitsolute as our development partner, we want to continuously improve the inlay module. It must eventually be able to process all types of inlays effectively and efficiently. We're sure our new development has plenty of market potential," Joost explains.

Fokke can only agree: "We've never seen an innovative solution like this before, which fully includes unfolding the return crates. We're very satisfied with the experience so far. Not least because we'll make the purchase costs back fairly quickly."

Fruitsolute B.V.                                                 Fokke Nieboer                                                  Tel: +31 (0) 174 700 813                                        Email: nif@fruitsolute.com                                         Reintjes Systems Joost Reintjes Mob: +31 (0) 643 083 525 Email: joost@reintjessystems.nl

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